Foot Forward has developed an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker  (ATSIHW) education program to support the growing needs of indigenous communities. The training program is designed to be used by existing clinicians working within the community to up-skill and support local healthcare workers and promulgating diabetes-related foot disease awareness. The Foot Forward Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Worker Training Package provides a course structure which is based around understanding the core competencies in undertaking diabetes foot checks, initiation of referrals and providing appropriate foot care education.

The training program is designed to educate and upskill ATSIHW's to:

  • Examine feet confidently
  • Recognise factors for diabetes related foot disease
  • Undertake a basic foot check
  • Confidently check foot pulses and foot sensation

This training program has been designed to be highly interactive and includes role-play, videos, case studies, group yarning and other appropriate training methodologies for the ATSIHW cohort.

The program is designed to support flexibility within its design and delivery to allow local champions to adapt the resources and delivery methods to meet their community’s needs.

Overview of Training Package inclusions

The Diabetes Foot Check Training is expected to be delivered as a face to face training session to ATSIHWs. The program can be delivered in approximately a 6-8 hour session, especially when students have already completed the Foot Forward ATSIHW online training modules. The program can also be delivered in any combination of time allocations as deemed appropriate/suitable by the trainers for their participants.

The training package includes:

  • Facilitators Manual
  • Power Point slide deck for facilitators
  • Participant Manual
  • Workshop Resources:
  1. Foot Check checklist
  2. Diabetes Foot Check Questionnaire
  3. Goal setting activity
  4. Diabetes Foot Risk Stratification and Triage.
  5. Active Foot Disease Pathway
  6. Monofilament instructions
  7. Neuro check
  8. Touch Test instructions
  9. Circulation check
  10. Footwear fact sheet
  11. Workshop evaluation
  12. My Feet and Diabetes booklet
  13. Definitions
  14. Quality improvement templates
    1. Action Plan template
    2. Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle template prompts
    3. Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle template

Register your interest

If you are a healthcare professional working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Workers or a training organisation that coordinates ATSIHW training, you may be eligible to gain access to over 20 dedicated Foot Forward training resources.

The resources and materials have been developed with extensive input from the Foot Forward expert reference group and have been adapted to allow for localized delivery by local community healthcare professionals to their own ATSIWHs.

The following link will take you to the FF ATSIHW registration form and upon approval, the training resources will be made available on the Learn Upon platform. This process should be completed within 24 hours of receipt within working hours.

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