Foot Health Check

Foot Health Check


Complete some short questions to get a better understanding of your foot health. The quiz will only take about 2 minutes.

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Can you see your feet clearly?

You may not be able to see your feet due to poor eyesight or if you can’t bend down due to back pain or stiffness.

Do you have chronic kidney disease (on dialysis or taking medication)?

Kidney function that worsens over a number of years is known as chronic kidney disease. Sometimes it can progress to end-stage kidney disease (also known as kidney failure), which requires dialysis or a kidney transplant to keep you alive.

Have you had an ulcer or amputation in the past?

You may have been told that it was caused by diabetes or poor circulation (blood supply)

Do you have a current Foot Ulcer which has been present for >1 month and is below the ankle?

A foot ulcer is an open wound on the foot, which has been present and not improving (or getting worse) for at least 2 – 3 weeks. Ulcers are usually on the bottom of the feet or at the ends of toes. The crater/ulcer can develop under thickened skin called callus.

Foot ulcers can become infected so look out for warning signs such as swelling, colour change in the surrounding skin, your foot feeling hotter than usual, pain or throbbing, pus or an unpleasant smell.

Do you have a foot deformity such as a bunion, hammer and claw toes, amputations or changes due to arthritis or charcot foot?

A foot deformity can include any structual abnormality: bunions, hammer and claw toes, amputations, changes due to arthritis or charcot neuroarthropathy.

Do you walk barefoot, in socks or thongs?

Do you have skin or nail problems?

These problems may be callus/corns over joints, between your toes or on the bottom surfaces of your foot or you may have ingrown or thickened toenails that are difficult to care for.

Have you been told that you have poor circulation in your feet?

Your health care team may have called this peripheral arterial disease. They test for it by feeling for the pulses in your feet.

Have you had any operations in your legs to improve the blood flow in your feet?

This may have been called an angioplasty or bypass. The operation is done by a vascular surgeon.

When going for a walk, do you have to stop due to tight pain in your calf muscles?

You may have been told that you have a condition called claudication.

Do your feet become painful at night and you have to hang your feet over the side of the bed to relieve the pain?

Do your feet look pale, feel very cold or are hard to warm up?

Have you been told you have peripheral neuropathy, loss of protective sensation or the feeling in your feet is damaged?

You healthcare team will often check for this by using a thin filament (monofilament) to assess whether the feeling in your is normal.

Do you experience unusual feelings in your feet and hands?

People some describe these types of feelings: pins & needles, burning, shooting, electrical sensations

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